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Lazy trainee takes a good, hard thrashing over-the-knee of strict older nurse!


Naughty schoolgirl Alex gets a spanking and a caning in her kinky uniform


Fat bottomed schoolgirl takes a spanking and paddling from strict Headmistress


Dirty girls who love to drop their knickers for a spanking are waiting to take your phone call





I’m a mid-20s female spankee who lives in Essex. I have had a passion for spanking for as long as I can remember and I love nothing more than going over-the-knee of a strict older man or a dominant female. I am also very naughty and I know where my skirt and knickers belong. My skirt should be scrunched up around my wait and my knickers down around my ankles - because that creates the proper target for you, Sir!

Lazy trainee takes a good, hard thrashing over-the-knee of strict older nurse!


NOV 21st 2015

British Spanking Films


I’ve always been turned on by the sight of a sexy young lady bending over to have her bottom spanked. I’m a female spankee myself, and even though I’m straight when it comes to sex, I’m bisexual when it comes to spanking and corporal punishment. I particularly like watching younger ladies being spanked by strict older women, especially when it involves some kind or role-play element, like in this lazy nurse film from Spanking Sarah.




















Women Spanking Women


It really makes me horny seeing this young nurse being told off for her incompetence at work. It allows me to imagine myself in a nurse’s uniform being pulled over Spanking Sarah’s knees. Then she’d hitch up my skirt. Then she’d pull down my knickers. Then she spank my naked arse cheeks till they were blushing bright red and incredibly sore.


Spanking Sarah is a real ‘no nonsense’ disciplinarian, which is what makes her videos so arousing to watch. She can dish out a really hard spanking with just her bare hand, but she isn’t afraid to reach for a paddle, cane, slipper or whatever might be needed to teach a girl a lesson. She’s a true expert and I would love to be disciplined by her, although at the moment I’m just happy to watch her spanking movies. My bottom feels sore just seeing her in action, but maybe one day I’ll go over her knee.



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NOV 21st 2015


Naughty schoolgirl Alex gets a spanking and a caning in her kinky uniform



















Adult Schoolgirl Spanking


I like to wear all different kinds of uniforms and outfits when I’m being spanked, but my favourite has to be my old school uniform. I left High School over 8 years ago but it still fits me perfectly, and it always reminds me what a naughty girl I was. I used to smoke, snog boys, flash my knickers at them and stuff like that. I was always very mischievous, and I still feel guilty sometimes - and that’s probably why I often need to be spanked.




















Naughty Girls Caned


And when it comes to watching British spanking movies, I am always drawn to ones depicting girls in school uniforms being spanked by dominant men. We never had corporal punishment at my school, but I often used to fantasise about bending over for my Headmaster and feeling him thrashing me every bit as hard as the girl in this incredible movie from Northern Spanking. She has a really fantastic uniform on in this film and I love how she’s made to squeal with discomfort. She takes a really good hand spanking over-the-knee before tasting her Master’s cane. What a lucky girl!


I’ve only ever been caned twice - and it really hurt and left my bottom sore for months. And it was nowhere near as hard a lashing as the one the girl gets in this schoolgirl discipline film. In fact, I doubt she’ll ever be able to sit down again, but at least she’s learned her lesson!


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NOV 19th 2015


Fat bottomed schoolgirl takes a spanking and paddling from strict Headmistress
















Naughty Schoolgirl Spanking


I have quite a pert bottom, but I sometimes wish it was a little bit plumper. Not only would it cushion the blow of each spanking and help me develop my levels of tolerance, but it would also make a more eye-catching target, as is definitely the case with naughty schoolgirl Kiki. With her big, fat bottom poking up in the air, she’s really asking to be paddled and spanked. It doesn’t even matter if she’s done anything wrong - she’s just got ones of those arses that demand to be thrashed!

















UK Spanking Movies


And so with her flaunting her bottom in front of a strict disciplinarian like Spanking Sarah, it could only lead to some pretty severe corporal punishment. She takes thwack after thwack from the severe-looking rubber paddle - and in no time at all her cheeks are bright red. But Kiki proves to have decent tolerance, so her aching arse cheeks take a lot more punishment. And I can’t tell a lie, it did make me horny - yeah, I really got turned on by this erotic schoolgirl spanking film.


Because it really does have something for everyone. You’ve got a strict headmistress who is expert with her paddle; a fat bottomed schoolgirl with her knickers pulled down; and some real ‘no nonsense’ discipline with plenty of howls and moans of pain. And best of all, you’ve got lots of close ups of that sexy bum getting redder and redder and much more sore. Because fat arses look so hot on film - and that’s what makes this such a ‘must watch’ schoolgirl spanking movie.


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Dec 14th 2015


Incompetent French Maid Suzanne strips down to her undies for a paddling from Spanking Sarah


















Spanking in Uniform


I like it when a spanking scene includes a certain amount of shame and humiliation, so I loved watching this mature French Maid being forced to strip down to her bra, knickers and hold up stockings for a lesson in strict British discipline from Spanking Sarah. It made me squirm inside as I watched this older lady being forced to bare her flesh. And I squirmed even more when the punishment started and her arse cheeks were really given what for!



















Strict Adult Discipline


Because Spanking Sarah doesn’t pull any punishes, even when she’s punishing a slightly older woman. She still delivers each strike with incredible force and precision, staring on Suzanne’s knicker-clad buttocks. And then she makes the French Maid drop her black knickers and paddles the hell out of her pert pink cheeks. Cue lots of howls and cries of discomfort!


As a naughty sub girl, I would love to wear Suzanne’s maid’s outfit and hold up stockings and play the role of a rich woman’s maid. And I’d make a point of being a useless maid, too, so I could make sure I got a serious paddling from my Mistress. I got a real kick out of watching this British spanking video and would love to star in a film like this one day. Cos what a pleasure it would be to push out my bottom and touch my toes for a supremely dominant woman like Spanking Sarah!



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DEC 15th 2015


Strict Aleesha pulls down Ella’s white knickers for an OTK spanking she will never forget
















Over-the-knee Spanking


Seeing a young, beautiful woman spanking another young beautiful woman always brings out the lesbian in me. I’m mostly straight but when it comes to strict discipline, I always like the idea of being punished by another girl. And this new film starring Aleesha Fox and cute redhead Ella really stirs the lesbian flames within me. The story is that Ella has just joined Aleesha’s firm and is proving something of a distraction for the male members of staff. And that leaves Aleesha with very little choice. She needs to put Ella straight back in her place - and she does it with a ‘skirt up, knickers down’ spanking.






















Girls Spank Girls


I always think of Aleesha as one of the prettiest spankees in the UK spanking scene but it’s great to see her now expressing more of a dominant nature. She makes a really strict and forceful spanker, first punishing Ella over-the-knee with just her hand, before making Ella lean across a chair for a taste of the paddle. And what a cute, little bottom she’s getting to spank. Ella really does have lovely buttocks, especially as they turn from pink to shocking pink to red.


It all makes for a wonderfully sexy and really sensual spanking film, and if you only pay to watch one film this year, then this would probably be my recommendation. You’ve got a nice scenario, two stunning young ladies and some good, hard spanks and lashes of the paddles delivered with a surprising degree of force. Cos it’s a proper lesson that Ella gets taught - one that proves that Aleesha will be having none of the new girl’s dirty, flirty, slutty ways!


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