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Slutty blonde nurse gets spanked and paddled in bright red bra, red knickers and stockings


Lazy trainee takes a good, hard thrashing over-the-knee of strict older nurse!


Dirty girls who love to drop their knickers for a spanking are waiting to take your phone call


Naughty schoolgirl Alex gets a spanking and a caning in her kinky uniform


Fat bottomed schoolgirl takes a spanking and paddling from strict Headmistress







I’m a mid-20s female spankee who lives in Essex. I have had a passion for spanking for as long as I can remember and I love nothing more than going over-the-knee of a strict older man or a dominant female. I am also very naughty and I know where my skirt and knickers belong. My skirt should be scrunched up around my wait and my knickers down around my ankles - because that creates the proper target for you, Sir!


DEC 20th 2015


Slutty blonde nurse gets spanked and paddled in bright red bra, red knickers and stockings





















Over-the-knee Spanking


I’ve always had a healthy sexual appetite and I love dressing up in lingerie to tease and please a dominant man. I like showing off a hint of stocking top, or even bending over in a short skirt and flashing my knickers, and I love how mature blonde spankee Suzanne takes a similar approach in this very sexy new British spanking film. In it, she wears some incredibly slutty red lingerie under her nurse’s outfit - and such provocative undies can only lead to a good, hard spanking from her Master.




















UK Spanking Movies


Suzanne might be mature but she still has a fabulous figure - and her arse cheeks are especially cute. She has amazing levels of tolerance, too, and takes plenty of pleasingly hard strikes from her Master’s dominant hand, before he gets out an implement to really show the slutty nurse what for! And the paddle he picks is also bright red, which means it matches Suzanne’s knickers and bra. It also soon matches her buttocks, too, as they quickly turn a glowing, painful shade of red.


Watching nurse Suzanne’s bum cheeks growing red and sore was my favourite part of this British spanking and CP movie. She really does take a thorough thrashing; and my knickers grew sticky as I imagined myself being in her place. I would love to go over-the-knee of a masterful man like that and get spanked in such amazingly slutty lingerie. And I wouldn’t say no to wearing that nurse’s uniform either. It all makes this spanking film so much sexier to watch!



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DEC 22nd 2015


Naughty Maddy bends over in white knickers for a vicious spanking from a dominant male




















Naughty Girls Punished


Seeing a dominant male with a paddle in his hand is always guaranteed to make my knickers get wet. I love being punished over-the-knee of my Master, or bending down in front of him and touching my toes, and so I love this new movie from CP specialists Northern Spanking showing Maddy Marks getting spanked and paddled in a really cute pair of see-through white knickers. There’s a neat, little role-play element to the scene with Maddy going for a job with a very strict boss. We’re talking my kind of boss - one who makes it perfectly clear to his staff that any misdemeanour will result in a dropped pair of knickers and some pretty hard spanking and thrashing of cheeks.

























British Spanking Scene


I often fantasise about spanked in the office by my boss, so the role-play element of this high-quality and very sexy  spanking movie was a huge turn on for me. But the discipline is always what matters most - and what a pleasure it was to see Maddy getting thwacked through her cute white knickers and then on her bare cheeks. And what an unforgiving Master she has! The thwacks just kept on coming and coming!


But then that’s always the case with Northern Spanking, which is owned and run by genuine players on the scene. You can tell all the actors and actresses are really into what’s happening - and that gives their movies a real authenticity. I always head there when I can’t be spanked for real but am desperately in need of a spanking fix. Their deliciously sensual spanking movies are the next best thing to actually going over someone’s knee!


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DEC 23rd 2015


Dirty girls who love to drop their knickers for a spanking are waiting to take your phone call


















Live UK Spanking Chat


Not all women understand the thrill of going over someone’s knee for a spanking, paddling or a taste of the cane, so it’s great to chat to the mischievous ladies on 0909 022 0452. These naughty gals enjoy no holds barred conversation about every single aspect of spanking, discipline and corporal punishment. They can be naughty and cheeky and might even forget to call you Sir. They’re very badly behaved, but they behave badly for a reason - because it gives them an excuse to drop their knickers for a spanking.



















British Telephone Spanking


If you’d like to chat spanking with a naughty British lady, then call 0909 022 0452 any time of night or day. You’ll be surprised how filthy some of these ladies talk, or just how eager they are to be put in their place and taught a lesson by their Master. They’ll probably want to tell you all about the slutty underwear they’re wearing, or to tease you with some dirty talk. And they might even act out a role-play with you, as a naughty schoolgirl, lazy maid or forgetful secretary - whatever it takes to turn you on.


For live UK spanking chat, call 0909 022 0452. Calls cost £1.50 per minute plus access charge. 18+. Requires bill payer’s permission. Calls recorded. We may send free promo SMS. Send ‘STOPALL’ to 89077 to opt out of marketing. Datapro Services Ltd. Careline 0203 455 2145


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DEC 24th 2015


Naughty schoolgirl Amber goes over-the-knee of strict 6th former Jessica for a taste of some old-fashioned discipline





















Spanking in School Uniform


I love this schoolgirl spanking film from spanking and CP website Northern Spanking. The uniforms are amazingly authentic, right down to spankee Amber’s regulation white knickers; and I love the scenario of a strict and dominant 6th form Head Girl punishing and spanking the wayward schoolgirl. It’s just so sexy to see these two beautiful women having spanking fun in their schoolgirl uniforms. And I really wish my schooldays had been like this - I’d have loved going over-the-knee of the Head Girl.



















Naughty Schoolgirl Discipline


And what makes this British spanking movie even better is the way it is filmed, with lots of close ups of Amber’s bottom getting redder and redder. She takes a long, hard spanking over the Head Girl’s knees and her snivels and shrieks are a joy to watch. It comes across like a genuine spanking - like the girls are playing out the scene for real. You really wouldn’t think they were acting in this movie, but then they are both regulars on the spanking scene. So, both girls really know their stuff.


I’ve watched this film a few times now and one image always remains in my head. It’s Amber lying over Jessica’s knee, with her uniform scrunched up around her middle and her knickers tugged down just below her bare cheeks. Her buttocks have already been spanked red raw, but Head Girl Jessica has her hand held high and is about to deliver yet another spank. And that’s what being a spankee is all about - already feeling sorely punished, but suddenly realising that Master or Mistress still doesn’t feel you have quite learned your lesson. It’s intense and scary and exciting all at once. You just never know when the spanking will end - only that you deserve every strike. And it seems that Amber deserves plenty more, in what is a fab and sensuous schoolgirl discipline film.



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DEC 28th 2015


Lazy secretary squeals in agony as strict male boss gives her arse cheeks a thrashing





















Spanking in Uniform


Not all spanking movies excite me as much as this one from UK spanking site Spanking Sarah. It really captures all my favourite kinky fantasies, starting with the sub spankee being dressed in my all-time favourite outfit - the secretary look. Every day I go to the office dressed in a smart sweater, tight black skirt, black high heels and stockings and suspenders - and every day I fantasise about incurring the wrath of my handsome mature boss. In fact, you wouldn’t believe how badly I want him to rip down my knickers and spank my cheeks.






















Strict British Discipline


But obviously the modern workplace doesn’t work that way, so this lazy secretary role-play film is probably the nearest I’ll ever get to fulfilling that personal fantasy. It shows sub spankee Kami annoying her boss by failing to complete her duties, which means the naughty, little minx needs a good, hard punishment - most of it delivered with a paddle to her bare behind. And she really does take an almighty thwacking on what must be one of the most pert and sexy pair of buttocks to ever have been captured on film.


I’m not a lesbian, by any means, but I sure did get sticky seeing Kami’s gorgeous bum cheeks being paddled red raw. I also fancied having a kiss and a fondle to soothe the sore spots on her peachy cheeks, but then spanking and cute bare bottoms always seems to turn me a little bit bisexual. And that’s why I love watching spanking movies as much as I can. It drags me deeper into this deliciously kinky world in which a strict male boss is free to punish the arse of his lazy secretary - and that’s the world in which I’d love to live!



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